Integration von PIM und Magento = MagentoPIM

MagentoPIM (PIM and Magento) is the integration of sepia Alterra PIM and Magento.  In this combination, Alterra PIM acts as the master data pool for the Magento open-source shop system. Alterra PIM, with its extensive special features for product information management, ensures that your product data is classified, translated and equipped with media assets in the best possible way. This makes Alterra PIM the data hub for your eCommerce activities. And it enables its users to roll out a professional Information Supply Chain.

You are planning a Magento shop or have a running Magento environment and wish to combine it with your PIM system into a single working environment?

If you don't want to miss the benefits of a professional PIM system for product data maintenance any more, MagentoPIM is the right choice.

IMPORTANT market note: There are agencies on the market that describe a simple catalogue output for printing from Magento as a PIM system for Magento. To avoid any possibility of confusion: MagentoPIM as described here means the AlterraPIM Enterprise System integrated with Magento.

A special requirement that can be perfectly implemented via MagentoPIM is the faceted search with Apache Solr or Factfinder. Only through attribute sets that are optimally prepared in the PIM, such a search and filter function can be implemented in a way that makes sense and saves resources.


Magento is an OpenSource application for eCommerce services.

Magento brings a modern architecture, high flexibility, scalability, and a long list of built-in eCommerce functions with it. This includes:

  • Standard shop features
  • Simple, configurable and variable products. Products can be combined in groups.
  • Marketing features such as cross-selling, up-selling, newsletters, and many more.
  • Analysis and reporting functions
  • Search engine optimization
  • Multilingual web pages
  • Multi-websites and multi-store-view functions with different designs for products and categories.
  • Search plug-ins for Apache Solr and Factfinder
  • Optimized interfaces for the integration of other business applications.
  • Overall, with a look at the multitude of functions an features, it's fair to say:
  • Magento is one of the most promising open-source eCommerce products on the market.

Alterra PIM

Sepia Alterra PIM is a web software based on open standards.

Sepia Alterra PIM cloud-enabled and can be run as an SaaS (software as a service) application. Alterra PIM has a modern, extensible architecture and open interfaces. Here are just a few salient features of the system:

  • High-end data management mechanisms
  • Any product types and references between products.
  • Release of marketing materials such as catalogues, flyers, etc. of any kind
  • Enterprise workflow mechanisms
  • Enterprise digital asset management (document management)
  • Multi-client enabled user administration
  • Multilingualism with inheritance
  • Translation Memory
  • Versioning of attributes.
  • Classification of products
  • Output formats such as BMEcat and many more
  • Integration with search applications like Apache Solr / Lucene, Factfinder
  • Sepia Alterra PIM is currently the most modern and most effective master data management tool on the market.
  • Learn more about Sepia Alterra PIM...

With the help of MagentoPIM it is possible to update the Magento product master data based on the data maintained in Sepia Alterra– meaning that products do not have to be maintained redundantly.

Through a configuration layer, a mapping process is performed between the data kept in Alterra PIM and the Magento product master. This makes it also possible to decide which values from the PIM system shall be updated in Magento.

Furthermore, it is possible to use complex data for Magento such as configuration products with images, download articles and version data – and it is also possible to use faceted search and attribute filters applied by shop customers to filter the product master by technical properties.


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